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Welcome to our new homepage!

This is Doug's and Julie's new website. We will continue to lead bird walks and other nature walks. I will add information to the website for birding locations around the county. The picture is of a Gray Catbird taken by Doug Overacker.  Website Last Updated 12/23/21.

Christmas Bird Count  December 17   Results

We had great weather for our Christmas Bird Count this year. It started out just below freezing and got a bit warmer as the day went on. It was clear in the morning but clouded up in the afternoon and actually rained late in the afternoon but we were about done by then. The best thing was that there was almost no wind all day. We ended up with 71 species which is the same as last year. The highlights included a couple Merlins and a couple Northern Harriers. See the complete results on the Christmas Bird Count page.

Spring Bird Walks

Our fall bird walks are over. We will start spring walks on or about March 26. We will still be birding and I hope many of you can get out this winter. Ducks and geese, along with loons and grebes are passing through the area. Just be aware that goose season is open and duck season is also open. Deer season will also be open after Christas for a week. You can keep track of sightings in our area by watching eBird. Please email Doug Overacker at cdoveracker@woh.rr.com if you have any questions about birding in our area.

Bird Class

It looks like we will have a bird class next spring. It will probably start about March 24 and be on Thursday nights for four weeks. It will be held at the Springfield park office on Mitchell Boulevard. You will have to sign up with them but it will be a couple months before that happens. Doug Overacker will discuss identification and other information about the birds that can be seen in our area.

Recent Bird Sightings        

This is the time of year to looks for ducks, geese, loons, grebes, and gulls. It looks like it might be cold enough to push some ducks and other waterbirds south in the next week. The big excitement was a Snowy Owl that showed up at the south end of Buck Creek State Park. It has been seen on both sides of the lake along the lakeshore. There are loons and grebes on the lake at Buck Creek State Park but that can vary since the ducks and geese are being hunted at this time of year. It is also the time of year to look for American Tree Sparrows in brushy areas. Snow Buntings and Lapland Longspurs may show up, especially if it snows. They are often founds in open farmland or areas where cattle are being fed.

Black Vultures in Old Reid Park                                       

There were a large number of vultures in Old Reid Park at least through November 23. Over 120 were counted one day.